"Contractor of the Year" Award

This project earned the 1999 Contractor of the Year Award for Residential Kitchen

We added an 8' x 10' addition onto the existing kitchen area to add space and versatility in the design style. We angled the corners and added windows to allow for more natural light and to set the basic premise for the entire design, which became a play on angles.

The angled design of the island channels the traffic flow and keeps traffic completely out of the work zones. The island became a multipurpose, bi-level area incorporating microwave, storage and open shelving.

The entry way from the hall to the kitchen was revamped. To create an appealing, attractive entryway into the new kitchen an angled arch was added at the ceiling replacing unequal walls and wall ends.

An area next to the dining room became a mini butler’s pantry with glass door cabinets for a display and wine rack, while also providing additional storage.

We upgraded to Signature cabinetry, fitted with appropriate accessories to futher facilitate storage functions. Storage space was increased approximately 60%. Ceilings were made to visually appear taller by the use of taller cabinets and wide trim treatments that matched the cabinets.

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