Chrysalis Award

This project earned the 2003 Chrysalis Award for Kitchens

Brief scope of work:

  • Incorporate kitchen into existing addition.
  • Create custom banquette area so children could work/eat at table and mom could keep her eye on children while cooking.
  • Existing was L shaped and you had to walk around that L to get into addition. Wanted to create an island with access on both sides and not have the "galley" kitchen.
  • Wanted something to incorporate a deep cabinet to house TV and entertainment components without looking too heavy or dark or separate from the rest of the kitchen.
  • Wanted a small desk area for mom.
  • Client wanted the area to be some shade of green to create a flow from the outdoors to the indoors with no strong visual opposition.

Creative solutions to the challenges:

  • Light maple base cabinets were used in a majority of kitchen to lighten the galley feel; custom millwork was incorporated on a curved wall (previously rectangular wall) at the TV storage area to add balance and to create a stylish flair.
  • Desk area created a bit of a vestibule or private area from guest bath - screened them a bit so they were separated from kitchen and not glaring into a bathroom.
  • Custom corner breakfast nook for young children to eat and to play without crowding entire part of that room.
  • Radius wall allowed design focal point, but without darkening the room or making the TV components seem too junky.
  • Fireplace in middle, breakfast nook balanced one side and the radius wall balanced the other side of the wall. Didn't overpower the room, but added design interest. Fireplace surround done in the same as kitchen island countertop to unify room.
  • Wood flooring from existing addition was incorporated into the kitchen area to allow for smoother visual transition. Tile was added around island to accent island area. Columns were also added at addition to smooth transitions between two rooms.

This kitchen became a sleek, striking, contemporary area with hi tech lighting and top notch appliances. The windows and color achieved the client's desire to bring the outdoors in, allowing for a smooth transition. The island offers visual interest. The TV storage could have been a simple rectangular box with a TV unit. Instead, the custom millwork with a curved wall softens the striking elements creating a warm, familiar kitchen, adding balance to the entire room and a real appreciation for true superior carpentry work.

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