Home Adaptations

Homes Remodeled for Life

People remodel their homes for many reasons, and helping them extend the time they can comfortably live in their homes is perhaps one of the best reasons of all. As such, aging in place has been a longtime area of expertise for HEB.

Often minor modifications to your home can make living much easier and safer. Our staff can help you determine what modifications would be appropriate, and our handyman service can make and install whatever is needed.

If more significant modifications are warranted, our design and remodeling professionals can design and remodel a space that not only better supports your lifestyle, but is also beautiful and adds joy and comfort to your life.

These same modifications can be made to the homes of grown children who wish their parents or older relatives to live with them comfortably. Suites added to your home or areas reconfigured for these purposes help extend the time your loved ones can live independently and out of institutional settings.

For more information about these special services please contact us.

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